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Many people ask how to provide a more decorative frame around their wall mounted flat-panel TV in order to better match their home furnishings.  While a custom cabinet maker can integrate your TV with a built-in bookcase or cabinetry, many people are looking to frame a TV that is already mounted to the wall.

The first consideration is the actual mounting hardware. The main choice in TV mounting brackets is between a low profile (thin) mount, and an articulating or tilt mount. The articulating mounts allow you to tilt the TV and change the viewing angle, but typically require the TV to stick out further from the wall, and can be more expensive than low profile mounts. Although either will work with a frame, the low profile mounts are usually best for TV frames, since these mounts allow the TV to be closer to the wall and make the framed TV appear to be more like framed artwork.

The next frequently asked question regards how much of the front and side of the TV are (or should be) covered by the frame. Many assume that the entire side of the TV should be covered all the way to the wall, so that none of the mounting hardware is visible. Actually, the frame should not be flush with the wall to allow adequate ventilation for the TV (particularly for plasma TVs, which can generate significant heat). Even if a gap is present, the mounting hardware will usually not be visible from most angles.

Since wall mounted TVs are usually not concealed by cabinetry or other furniture, many people want to place a “2-way mirror” in front of the TV screen, so that when the TV is off, it appears to be a framed mirror, but when turned on, the TV image is visible through the mirror. Although this solution can create a beautiful framed mirror when the TV is off, “2-way” glass or acrylic can significantly alter the contrast of the TV and make it appear more “washed out.” Because of this, TV mirrors are typically not recommended unless the customer has a sample of the mirror, and has seen what the TV will look like when viewed through it.

Some manufacturers use a standard frame for all TVs (or the same frame for all 40-46 inch TVs, for example) that will not precisely fit your particular TV model. There may be some gaps between the frame and the edge of the TV on either side or the top or bottom. This can look odd, and may only partially conceal the logos, border, or speakers of the TV.

Alternately, FrameTheTV.com custom cuts a frame and mat to your specific TV model number, so the frame exactly fits the dimensions of your television. The mat allows the sound from any built in speakers and the remote control signal to pass through. A TV frame is a great option for turning your TV into a work of art!




TV Frame: Custom Molding. Very limited quantities Mat: Beige 

TV Frame: Metro         Mat: Beige 

TV Frame: San Marco Black         Mat: Black         Blu-Ray: Up 

TV Frame: Imperial Black         Mat: Beige          Blu-Ray: Toy Story 2 

TV Frame: San Marco Black          Mat: Brown           

TV Frame: Imperial Silver         Mat: Grey         Blu-Ray: HD Moods Fireplace Blu-Ray 

TV Frame: San Marco Black         Mat: Black 

TV Frame: San Marco Black

TV Frame: Imperial Black         Mat: Beige 

TV Frame: Imperial Black         Mat: Brown 

TV Frame: Imperial Silver         Mat: Beige 

TV Frame: San Marco Black         Mat: Black 

TV Frame: San Marco Black Mat: Brown







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